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London College of Vedic Studies

About the College

Set in the heart of London and at the home of their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, the London College of Vedic Studies (LCVS) offers a wide range of educational, spiritual and practical courses, seminars and workshops aimed at nurturing character, personal fulfilment and spiritual progression. The College’s programme is based on the ancient teachings of the Vedas and is tailor made for all walks of life, aimed at integrating academic study with spiritual refinement, values education and vocational training.

We offer a progressive pathway of courses taking one from spiritual basics to the authentic Vedic wisdom and culminating into gaining an ISKCON scriptural degree. Our teachings are presented in a practical, simple and interactive manner, with study materials constantly being updated and quality controlled to reach a modern audience. The teaching medium is English, and students with an alternative first-language are offered extra support in both spoken and written English. In a supportive, learner approach and spiritually-uplifting environment, the College enables students to realise their academic and vocational potentials, apply Krishna conscious principles to contemporary lifestyles and make lasting contributions to the devotee community and society at large.

Please come and join us for a memorable spiritual journey.

Meet Our Team

HG Jai Nitai dasa

HG Jai Nitai dasa joined ISKCON-London in 1999. He spent 10 years in the brahmacari ashrama before shifting to grhastha ashrama. He took first and second initiation form HH Radhanath Swami in 2003. He has been teaching and sharing Krishna wisdom with varieties of groups for more than 15 years, including Bhakti Sastri, IDC, Devotional Practice, Temple Management, as well as presentations to such organisations as Accenture, Barclays, HSBC and Avanti Court Teachers.

He currently serves as Temple President & Trustee Chairman for ISKCON-London, Zonal Supervisor for the London and South-east Region of the UK and Teaching Faculty of the GBC College. He has completed the following courses: Bhakti Sastri, Teacher Training Course 1, Mediation Training, Leadership and Management & GBC College Zonal Supervisor Training.

He is inspired to see that Education and Training at ISKCON-London expands to encompass all facets of Vedic teachings giving a broad opportunity to all those who may have an interest in learning something more. London College of Vedic Studies seriously seeks to fulfil this vision and he works closely with and gives direction to the team driving this project.

HG Sanjaya Madhava dasa

Sanjaya Madhava dasa embraced Krsna Consciousness in 2009 and received his first initiation in 2012 from His Holiness Jayapataka Swami. After successfully completing the Bhakti Sastri course in 2013, he has been an active member of the Bhakti Sastri Administrative Team at Bhaktivedanta Manor. He is also the Course Coordinator at ISKCON-London and is part of a team engaged in the running of the London College of Vedic Studies. He has begun to train as a Bhakti Sastri course facilitator teaching Sri Isopanisad and Nectar of Instruction. He is also currently completing the Bhakti Vaibhava Course and is also aiding the college in the smooth transition to the harmonised ISKCON Board of Examinations (IBEX) Bhakti Sastri Course.

Bhakta Matt Gilbert

He came to Krishna Consciousness in 2013 and is now undertaking devotional service on the Sunday Feast newcomers programme, festival team, and London College of Vedic Studies faculty department. Professionally from 2010 he has been facilitating the running of a personal development programme for young adults at a London College. Currently in his second year of a level 5 diploma in education and training/level 6 PGCE, previously completed level 4 qualification in preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector.

Upcoming Courses & Seminars

Click here for a list of upcoming couses and seminars.